Golden Brothers

Just a fun little trailer to inform everyone that I have a new video coming soon. Just a quick one shot by me and my buddy.

The intro track to THE KINGS sophomore mixtape Golden Kronickels Vol.2: Voyage of The Trend Setters. Follow us @kingskronickels Follow Mr.O2tha @mro2tha Follow Nick Lewis @whoisnicklewis

Check out the newest visuals to one of the tracks from O’s upcoming solo tape. Spread the love if you like it.


So I’m gonna keep posting occasionally so that when my camp blows up people can look back and be like wow. O was posting on this blog when no one was even reading it. haha. New ish on the way. B has a solo tape coming out soon. I have one coming out soon. We are working on our next tape together after that. I’m working on another collab one with my brother Zeph. Working on getting Vic Mensa on a track as long as he digs my stuff and doesn’t charge an arm and a leg. Cause I’m broke as a teenage girls heart on a bad prom night….? Follow us on twitter @KingsKronickels @Mro2tha @WhoIsNickLewis 

Such a fun shoot. Need to do another one soon. 


One of my biggest influences. 

Sorry for the hiatus

So, hello world. Sorry for the hiatus. Slack. no other word for it. But I’m gonna do my best to update this as often as I can. We have been very busy. Unfortunately just not busy making new music. Busy playing the waiting game. Working on the project with Hassani Kwess. As soon as the homie can get into the studio to lay his verses down we are gonna finish it up. Bryx has left the burg. Left P.A… and moved to Houston to work for and tour with Israel Houghton… an amazing opportunity for him and in a way me because he will experience tons of stuff we will deal with when we finally end up on the road. Also I’m sure he will meet tons of people to spread our music to. In the mean time I am working on writing songs for my next solo mixtape as well as a collaboration mixtape with my boy Zeph. So between the Who Needs a Radio? EP/Mixtape with Hassani Kwess. Zeph and mines collab tape and my solo tape.. I’m extremely busy writing… Wish I could do a little more recording though. But that time will soon come. oh yeah… AND. Me and Bryx are in the very beginning stages of our next mixtape… Not that we are done promoting Golden Kronickels… But.. the next tape is already being discussed…. and is any of this a big deal?… not to you simpletons… not yet… but in due time… you will all care. haha. So stay tuned. in the mean time… download Golden Kronickels and spread it around like wildfire and mayo haha.